Miyerkules, Agosto 21, 2013

Trick-Shot 1:1

Ever since I was a kid, art was my outlet for everything. Even if I wasn’t that talented or even have a hint of talent, I still forced myself to get into art. Too bad I never went into music. There would be lots of music-related posts on my blog.

Photography is a big thing nowadays. Here in the Philippines, almost everyone has a “DSLR” or a photographer’s best friend. Anyone who has one gives off the impression that they are pros. Since I am just an underpaid employee, my best friend is my cellphone. Here are the samples of my greatest works. 

Pool of my relative's resort in Ozamis.

Sea view with matching sunrise (that little floating thing is a fish pen)

Their beach with the huts (no... I am not promoting their beach resort).

Sunrise around 4-5am. Due to night shift work, I woke up too early. 

Finale shot: Fishing spot when it was raining. Looks dramatic don't it?

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