Huwebes, Hulyo 4, 2013

Bisayang Dila

Being a fan of delicious cuisine, I usually go around my hometown trying out the different restaurants and food stalls/cafeteria. I'm not much of a critic when it comes to food. My tongue isn't as good as those of gourmet on TV and well known blogs. But I'm still going to criticize anyway.

Because of an old school anime entitled "Cooking Master Boy", I am enamored by Asian cuisines. First stop is Japanese cuisine. What better way to try it than at a local Japanese restaurant named "Tempura: Japanese Grill". Mind you, this isn't authentic Japanese style food. It is more of a hybrid combining Japanese food and Filipino taste so that it will suit the Filipino people.

This restaurant is located at SM City Cebu: NorthWing. The restaurant looks sosyal (high class). Filled with mixed designs of Nippon and Western cultures with background music of Utada Hikaru's First Love. Some might find this song familiar since it was sung by Filipino artist Toni Gonzaga as a cover. I even tried asking the employees in basic Nihongo (yes I know a bit). The restaurant is definitely worth a try. Their servings are good and worth it but it may be a bit expensive. Their service is very good. Nice restaurant for those who want to get a taste of Japan while having second thoughts on enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine.

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  1. 'Pag ako napadpad ng Cebu at nakapag-SM jan, pupuntahan ko 'to and I'll give you feedback... hehehe

    Mga Tugon
    1. Punta ka d2. Ako bahala sa pag escort mo. Personally.