Sabado, Oktubre 29, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are...

     Strolling around a well-known mall in Cebu City, Ayala Center Cebu, I never forget to visit two specific stores. Frankly speaking, these are the only two stores that I always visit at that mall. These two stores are the kind which only a handful of people enter. Probably because the other people think these stores are not "in style". But I find them two of the most interesting stores. 

     The first one would be a hobby shop, Tamiya. I visit that store frequently since I am very much into collecting stuff. The second store would be the store that we would be talking about in this post. As you enter the store, you are greeted with so many stuffs. Stuffs that would normally not be seen anywhere.  

In fact, I find the store so amusing and fun that I would stay there for-like hours if not for the store clerk always stalking me around. From stones to chopsticks to rags to lamps. It's like a garage sale, only inside a mall. 

     Some might think "What makes it so different from other stores?", well, the best thing about this store is that everything is made artistically. I mean, everything is different, customized. No two items look exactly like each other. It's like a room filled with collector's items ready to be collected. It'd be nice if this store gets more attention than it deserves. Heck, if I had money, I would buy lots of stuff from this store.  

If any of you guys live or visits Cebu, take time to visit this place. Bring money as well. There should be lots of things in that store that will catch your attention. Items that look like they were customized by people. I, for instance, would really like to buy that metal plane in the first pic.

Thanks for reading this post. Till nxt time!

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  1. not my thing, but thanks though. haha! ^_^

  2. pupuntahan ko yan pag napasyal ako ng Cebu...

    Mga Tugon
    1. pwde ako magging tour guide mo. Free of charge. Kaw na bahala sa lodging and food ko. Hehe