Lunes, Mayo 13, 2013

Da Reunion

Recently, we had a clan reunion with the family from my father's side. Lots of unfamiliar faces came. Heck, I didn't even recognize even one of them! Yes, I am an outcast to the whole family. Kinda weird though because there was only 2 or 3 beautiful ones out of the 7-10 families that attended. Mostly were guys. SAUSAGE FEST!!!

Anyway, it was fun. Filipino gatherings will always have drinking sessions. So everyone was drinking except me because I am a good boy. I don't drink. I only drink those high-class wines that I can't even pronounce the names. I got bored(being all alone) so I walked around the venue which was a well known family-oriented pool. I then observed a lot of things.

First, kids nowadays wear 2-piece. Those kind of swimsuits that is almost like a bikini. They are below 10 years old and they are wearing those kind of things! It would be better if they had breasts to show but they are flat as board. The 2 piece are useless and they just keep falling off.

Second, a bunch of high school kids arrived. The guys were like wearing sunglasses and acting cool and all. Around the pool, they were posing-shirtless and acting all macho when they are as thin as twigs. You could literally see their ribs. They resemble those baby-back ribs from expensive restaurants. And all day long that's all they did. They didn't even get wet. I was like "what's the point of coming here and wearing trunks and taking your shirt off if you just sit or stand there looking cool?". Well, I just said that in my mind.

Third, is that there were a lot of beautiful ones-sexy ones that were swimming about. Bad part is that they were wearing shirts and cover their bikini. Then I thought "What's the point of wearing a shirt? I can still see your bikini inside. Why'd you have to ruin everything?". I didn't say that out loud but REAL men should be able to understand.

Fourth and last, there was this family. I thought it was a normal family having a gathering. Then I saw 2-3 of their kids running around in those 2 piece again. What made me go WTF was the fact they were guys. I would understand if a gay is wearing 2piece when they have breast implanted. But those were 10 year old gays that don't have a single burger on their chest. And they were wearing bras as the upper part of their 2 piece.

Lesson for this is wear appropriate clothes at the appropriate occasion. At least my day was complete looking and taking pictures of hot college students and korean girls with milky white skin.

AhhhH~~~Gotta love summer.... 

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